What We Believe


We service the health insurance needs of small, medium sized and large employers, their employees and their families, as well as individuals seeking individual and family coverage.  We endeavor to assist these clients and prospective clients in securing high quality, comprehensive coverage at the most economical premium.


We comply with all laws and regulations, particularly as they pertain to our professional and business activities.

We conduct ourselves with honor, dignity and integrity always.  We avoid practices that would bring dishonor on ourselves, our firm or our profession.

We advertise and promote our services in a manner that promotes all that we represent.

We insist on maintaining the highest level of professional expertise.

We will always do our very best to provide the greatest degree of professional service.

We will endeavor to treat all our clients and prospective clients as we would wish to be treated if in their place.

We assist our clients in protecting their assets, in establishing their financial security, independence and economic freedom.

We maintain our clients’ confidences and protect their rights to privacy.

We work diligently to satisfy the needs and desires of our clients.

We endeavor to present – accurately and honestly – all facts necessary and desirable to our clients’ financial decision making.

We work hard to provide timely and proper service to our clientele and to their beneficiaries.

We endeavor to continually enhance our professionalism, develop our skills, and increase our education through an unending pursuit of intellectual curiosity and excellence.

We obey the letter and spirit of all laws and regulations in every jurisdiction we are licensed and in which we conduct business.

We will always speak out, in public advocacy, to protect the best interests of our clients, prospective clients, as well as consumers and the public in general in reference to our products and professional capabilities.

We work to cooperate with other professionals and entities whose services unquestionably promote the best interests of our clients.

We always and will always conduct ourselves in manner and manners that will bring honor and distinction to ourselves, our Firm, our industry and our professional.

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