Who We Are

Who We Are



Harman Stone Corp. is an employee benefit, insurance services, commercial insurance, and human resource brokerage and consulting firm based in Memphis, Tennessee, serving the Mid-South, Mississippi and Tennessee River Valleys.  We’re currently licensed to conduct business in Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

We help clients to anticipate, qualify, quantify and understand a wide range of risks faced by their company, its owners, shareholders, and their employees.  In an ever uncertain business world in which we find ourselves, we want your business to survive and prosper for generations.

Harman Stone works with businesses of all sizes, but we specialize in small and mid-sized businesses and organizations. We help our clients to define, devise and bring forth inventive solutions to critical risk issues. We bring an unparalleled expertise, experience, and collaboration to each and every client interaction.

We offer a wide-range of employee benefit coverages and services, insurance products, risk management services, commercial property and casualty packages, as well as an equally comprehensive menu of human resource consulting services.

Since 1994, Harman Stone’s clients entrusted our firm for invaluable advice, quality representation in the marketplace, clarity in a challenging business environment, and a partnership seeking new opportunities for profit, growth and prosperity.  We’re a wholly owned business and financial services firm dealing in products, services, and consulting advice in areas of risk, solutions and people. We assist our clients foresee and engage ever difficult challenges and technologies boldly and courageously.

Let us help you protect your way of life through insurance protection and financial planning.  Call us soon to see about a time when we can sit down for a few minutes and discuss your needs, circumstances, and preferences, as well as possible ways we can be of assistance.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

Harman Stone, Corporation knows "Small Business Drives America™."