How We Think



How We Think

At Harman Stone, we believe in a traditional approach to serving our clients while remaining mindful of the 21st Century and its emerging technology.  We value our clients highly and provide them services above and beyond what is commonly seen in the industry.  We believe strongly in catering to our clientele and providing what we view as bespoke, concierge service to those clients that exceed anything found in the region or the industry.

When working with our firm you can count on the finest representation in the marketplace.  We are committed to doing the very best for you, your business, your employees and their families.  We value candor in our relationships with our clients.  We see that our clients are fully aware of all the options open to them.  As brokers, we view our relationship as working for our clients, and as such, we work to make sure that relationship is always based on such candor.

The client, at Harman Stone, is the gold standard – the centerpiece of who we are, what we believe, what we do, how we think and for whom we work.  This requires deep respect, patience and fortitude.  We pay close attention to our clients, strive to listen to their wants, desires, objections and objectives.

Our firm specializes in small and medium sized businesses.  We have served large corporations in the past, but prefer small and medium sized businesses – 2 thru 50 employees and 51 plus employees, respectively.  The small and medium sized businesses in the communities we serve – the Mississippi, Tennessee and Potomac River Valleys – are the backbone of American commerce and industry.  This has been our bread and butter, our specialty, for almost twenty-five years.


Harman Stone Corporation provides insurance and benefit products, as well as other business services that provide tremendous protection and value pricing, to small and medium sized businesses, their owners, employees and their families.  Harman Stone will take the traditional employee benefit firm and insurance agency models and transform them into a truly new paradigm for the 21st century – a privately held, regional employee benefit firm serving markets across select areas of the Mississippi, Tennessee and Potomac River Valleys.

We will cater to the backbone of American commerce – the small and medium sized business.  Harman Stone will provide employee benefit, personal insurance, commercial insurance and human resource consulting services to these small and medium sized businesses, their employees and their families with a level of service unparalleled in the region or the industry.   This clientele will enjoy the technology investment they have come to expect in the 21st century with the relationship-based business model that has always been timeless.  Harman Stone will establish a partnership with our clients that respects their interests and goals.

Our success will be measured by the degree that our clients choose Harman Stone through their belief in our ability to meet and exceed their expectations of cost, service, expertise and trust.

“Shaping our world . . .”  Harman Stone will help to shape the small business environment of the 21st century in the Mississippi, Tennessee and Potomac River Valleys.  We will become the cutting edge for our clients in benefit, human resource and risk management implementation and change management.


Our clients’ and their interests always come first.  This is in our interest.  It is who we are.|

Our assets are our people and our reputation in the community.  Credibility and trust are the cornerstone of how we do business.

We are proud of our professionalism, day in and day out.  The quality of our work is evidence of this fact.

Great companies work to make money, but in deciding how to do so choices should be made – how to also build an enduring institution.  We must invest in the future while also investing in people and our communities – sustaining the conditions that allow all to prosper over time.

Purpose and value are the core of our identity at Harman Stone – guiding people in our and their efforts to serve each other and the communities we all serve.

Great firms identify something larger than themselves and their profits to provide purpose and meaning.  Institutional grounding is an engagement in certain activities and relationships that may not – directly and immediately result in profit and growth – but, reflect the value for which the firm stands and how it will endure over time.

A sense of mission instills meaning into an organization – institutionalizing the firm as a fixture in its communities and providing continuity between the past, present and the future.

It has been said throughout history, “all politics is local.”  Well, just as certainly, in the final analysis – all business is local.  Purpose, values and value serve to mitigate against uncertainty and change.


Here at Harman Stone, we are professionals that care deeply about performance because we believe in the mission and the firm as an institution.  This provides a motivating purpose and, in turn, provides coherence and value.

Our total purpose and value cannot be simply expressed by a cost-benefit analysis, a balance sheet, or reduced to the language of economics and accounting.  Rather, our purpose, values and value are the powerful driver of our firm’s performance.


When asked about the practice of employee benefits, insurance, commercial risk management and human resource consulting, the immediate series of thoughts that come to mind are of the consequences to the client and client actors – owners, employees, families.

We value each one of our clients and recognize that without them, we simply wouldn’t exist.  Further, we value every client interaction.  It is an opportunity to deliver value, strengthen the relationship and build trust.

We take the utmost care to return all client telephone calls and emails in the most timely fashion – having researched each question and topic thoroughly to provide each client with the best guidance and solutions to their needs.  Our clients understand that when hiring our firm, that each of their cases will be handled on its own schedule to facilitate the finest outcome without missing any steps.

Our clients often must share the most intimate, confidential and closely-held information they have.  This information’s security and confidentiality is one of the cornerstones of how we do business and is vitally important to our business.

Our clients do not hire us to be distant, neutral, disinterested third parties.  They want partners in their endeavors – partners invested in their investment – committed to their futures.  It is important that we are candid with our client’s and conduct thorough discussions about options and implications – all the relevant factors.

When we speak of the current state of the employee benefit, insurance and commercial insurance fields, it is important that we at Harman Stone constantly remain up to date on all these matters to maintain competency and remain competitive in the marketplace.  Our daily activities reflect this reality.


Harman Stone will provide employee benefit, personal insurance, commercial insurance and human resource consulting services to small and medium sized businesses – technology driven - with a level of service unparalleled in the region or the industry with the relationship-based business model that has always been timeless.